What Is BigOrangeCanoe?

BigOrangeCanoe is a new youth ministry focused on bringing spiritual, emotional and physical wellness to the youth of Sanford, Florida through the delivery of high-impact, motivational devotional meetings combined with  adventure-themed activities.

A Really BIG Dream

It all started with a dream.  A really BIG dream.   I was standing on top of a hill, looking out on one of the prettiest lands I had laid eyes upon.  It was partially manicured, and partially wild.  There were places to be explored, and places to rest.  There were places for adventure, and places for contemplation.  There were butterfly and hummingbird gardens, open fields, vegetable gardens, shaded groves and everything in between.  The land sloped down to a river, with clear water flowing past a dock, calling out to the next adventurous soul willing to embark on a voyage of discovery or tranquility.

I stood standing with an immense sense of accomplishment and anticipation.  Not because of the beauty that laid out before me, but because it was ready to be shared.    Ready to be shared with those needing healing.  Ready to be shared with those in need of peace.  Ready to open it’s arms and embrace those who were broken, afraid, lost, lonely or forgotten.  I couldn’t see these people, but I knew they were out there, and I knew this place was for them.


What Is It About The Canoe?

The canoe has always been a symbol of adventure and exploration.

While a canoe can be paddled by one person, it’s most effective when two people work together.  I’ve always likened the activity of canoeing to a relationship one has with Jesus.  We paddle along, but only with Jesus steering us and guiding our path.